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Image Pictures – the name sounds kind of strange, being two words meaning the same thing. Is it a photography studio or a photographic
processing facility? No. But before I tell you what we do, let me tell you how we got our name and start. Unofficially Image Pictures got its start
back in 1977, but wasn’t officially named until 1989. After seeing the movie Star Wars, I knew I wanted to make movies. Being only seven, the
dream seemed far-fetched. (“That’s your uncle talking.” “My uncle – how am I going to explain this?”) Wait – my uncle had nothing to do with it.
That’s just Star Wars humor. It wasn’t until fall of 1989, when walking through the Sears electronics section; I realized the dream was within my
reach. There it was – standing on its display pole, the TV beside it broadcasting the image of a lanky 19-year-old with long curly brown hair. Hey,
that’s me. A light bulb turned on in my mind – movies. I walked out of Sears that day with my first video camera and a new-found sense of
direction. I filmed everything, and learned as much as I could about video. My brother, Tim, always had a dream of becoming a writer, so I talked
him into partnering with me in this new movie company. We decided we needed a name that said we were big-time filmmakers, so ideas were
tossed around. The word image kept coming up, so it was decided Image Pictures would be our name – just like Warner Brothers Pictures and
Sony Pictures. It said we were now the big time. We made a few short films and even got a few jobs videotaping weddings, but the company
slowly died and I had to get a real job; the dream would have to wait.
In 1997 my life changed forever when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. You might be saying, “Wow, where did that come from?”
and I would have to say, “Yeah, I know, but that’s what happened.” I started going to church mixing sound on Sundays and working with a youth
pastor who always pushed the envelope, especially when it came to technology. I think we had the first video projector in Tomah. He was always
looking for some video to play during youth group, so I thought why can’t I make a video? My brother and I started making short funny videos as
ice breakers; we called them The Misadventures of Tim and Pete. They always started with, “An Image Pictures Production,” and so Image
Pictures was reopened with a new purpose.
The years passed, and in 2003, while working on my business degree, the Image Pictures name got a little longer with the addition of three
capitalized letters: LLC. Now Image Pictures, LLC was an official business entity, and big things were happening. We got our first Avid editor, and
for those who don’t know, Avid is the program used to edit 95% of all Hollywood movies. We also got our first Pro Tools set up to digitally mix
sound which was a huge change from the old tape machines we used. In 2005 business was strong enough to move into a new location the old
Fitness Connection on Jefferson Street. This 3000 square foot studio seemed too big at the time, but over the years we added a recording
studio, 3D animation studio and manage a local TV station studio.
Now you know that Image Pictures does everything from TV commercials and TV shows to recording albums for bands. Our newest upgrade is
the recording studio. The new studio will make our place a destination for musicians and bands from across the country. We have been blessed
with talented musicians, graphic artists, engineers and technicians that make Image Pictures a name synonymous with being the best and
delivering beyond our customers’ expectations. We are all excited to see what the future will bring.
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This is why we are in business and what we believe: "Life is short, make it an AMAZING Story"...
So ask yourself "who is telling your story?"
King Solomon said everything is meaningless, like chasing after the wind, except these four things:
1. To know the LORD at an early age
2. To obey the LORD
3. To have a good name and reputation
4. That the day of your death is celebrated more than the day of your birth.
What legacy are you building? What story are you leaving for the next generation to be inspired by?
We have a great team that wants to tell your story; it's time to make it AMAZING!